Who We Work With



Sometimes we take on so much and then find ourselves just staying above water. Other times, we may find that we have so many goals that we want to accomplish but aren't sure why we have a block and can't get started. As a licensed clinical social worker, my belief is that you are the expert of your own life. I see it as my job to help you come up with goals that we can work on and help you develop skills so you can THRIVE.



We currently have a waitlist for our couples counseling but are happy to refer you to other couples therapists or add you to our waitlist.



 A support system is always great to have. We have found that having groups is, at times, just as beneficial as individual counseling with certain issues. We currently have groups for women dealing with work stress and single women looking to uncover more about their dating patterns. 

Our groups are closed and currently full but we will update the site once there are openings.



Coaching may also help folks that may be feeling “stuck” dealing with a particular situation, for folks who just need a little guidance to get your life together or may just need a little “tune up” on the work they have already done. 



All of the Thrive clinicians have years of experience in the social work field. If you need a clinician to assist you with finding the right placement for your elder who requires more care, need assistance with advocating for your child to get more services at their school, need assistance with strengths finding/building at your company or anything in between-give us a call! Even if we may not be able to assist you, we have an extensive network and can refer you to the right person to help!

Online Therapy

We get it. Adulting is a lot of work, and time is precious. If you are unable to come into our office for in person therapy, some clinicians do provide therapy via videoconferencing.


Walk Talk Therapy

Sometimes traditional therapy in an office setting is not going to be the most helpful for us. Some clients with anxiety, those who are experiencing grief and folks who just prefer being outside have been able to experience the benefits of Walk Talk Therapy.